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I found an email address of a printer that I had used in the past on a local business listing website – when I emailed the address I got my emailed returned with a ‘permanent and fatal error’. Sounded serious!

I assumed he had closed down and I subsequently put 2 or 3 jobs through to a different printer until a few weeks later I drove past and saw he was still operating. It was simply an old email address on this particular business listing website.

People spend time on their websites making sure the content is useful and the contact information is accurate. But there are many business listing websites that ‘harvest’ information to create place holders on their website in an effort to pad their website out or sell you an upgraded listing.

The problem with these listings are, once they have your data, they often don’t update it.

So from time to time, conduct a search on your business as if you were a prospective client. Try and find any information that is inaccurate or out of date and contact the website and ask them to update it. If they try and charge you for it, ask that they just remove it. As having out dated information online can be detrimental.

Especially if you have moved premises recently or have changed any contact information in the time you have been operating (things like switching from an ISP assigned email address to your own domain name).

It can pay to do a tidy up every now and then!