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By the end of 2014, over 85% of Australians were using the Internet external-arrow (approximately 20 million people). So it's no secret that The Web is (and will be more so in the future) a valuable source of leads for your business. It is the most cost effective way for you to reach your customers. But you must have a good website that accurately portrays your business and what it is you offer people.

The reason the web works so well for attracting new business is, you can place information about your products and services in front of a potential customer at the very moment they are searching for what it is you offer.

By definition, web applications are far more complex than standard websites. They consist of server-side programming that allows the users of the web application to interact with back-end databases and potentially other 3rd party systems to produce an overall solution to a business problem.

We've developed web applications for many businesses, from new start-ups to long term businesses alike. We take a consultative approach to determine what business needs can be met through the development of web applications. Whether it's an online business that has a more complex product offering that requires custom web development or a traditional business that is equipping its staff to interact more efficiently with internal business data, Techmark Digital can assist creating these complex systems.

In web development, system integration is the process of bringing independent systems together to work as a whole. In most cases this results in "connecting" your shopping cart enabled website to an existing ERP, POS or Accounting system to reduce the double handling of data.

One of the key problems we solve on nearly a weekly basis is how a business efficiently manages selling their products or services via their bricks and mortar business as well as in the on-line space via their website. These 2 distinct channels often present challenges for a business and we've had clients tell us it can sometimes be like operating 2 completely separate businesses. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Techmark Digital provides customised e-Commerce website development with over a decade of experience building numerous e-commerce solutions.

A bespoke or purely custom e-Commerce website is fundamental to your results online. No two businesses are the same and no 'out of the box' solutions will suit your every need. With personal, hands on experience in building our own e-Commerce systems, founding successful online eCommerce stores and delivering national eCommerce solutions to customers in Adelaide and Australia-wide puts us in a prime position to best assist you in your next online shopping solution.

It seems everyone has a smartphone these days, and the number increases every day.

Early estimates and predictions stated that by 2020 more consumers in Adelaide would access the internet by mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that on a notebook or desktop computer. That milestone was met years ahead of that prediction.

Our User Interface (UI) Design is mainly aimed at developers looking to produce a front-end to their web application.

We have produced UIs for websites, intranets and web-based applications.