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By definition, web applications are far more complex than standard websites. They consist of server-side programming that allows the users of the web application to interact with back-end databases and potentially other 3rd party systems to produce an overall solution to a business problem.

We've developed web applications for many businesses, from new start-ups to long term businesses alike. We take a consultative approach to determine what business needs can be met through the development of web applications. Whether it's an online business that has a more complex product offering that requires custom web development or a traditional business that is equipping its staff to interact more efficiently with internal business data, Techmark Digital can assist creating these complex systems.

There is a range of Web Application developments which are used in common, everyday websites you may be unaware of such as Shopping Carts which communicate between databases, third party shipping systems, stock control, and user requirements all on a browser. Web Applications can also communicate with Social Media platforms, Booking Forms for events or accommodation, Gaming, Training Systems, Banking, Forums and Discussions or even that voting poll you ticked on your favourite car website.

At Techmark, we can handle your small or large Web Application development project, so contact us today to find out how we can assist you.