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By the end of 2014, over 85% of Australians were using the Internet external-arrow (approximately 20 million people). So it's no secret that The Web is (and will be more so in the future) a valuable source of leads for your business. It is the most cost effective way for you to reach your customers. But you must have a good website that accurately portrays your business and what it is you offer people.

The reason the web works so well for attracting new business is, you can place information about your products and services in front of a potential customer at the very moment they are searching for what it is you offer.

There are several elements that go in to making a great website and they require different skills, expertise and experience. But you're in luck! With over 25 years of combined experience, we have gained a wealth of knowledge in dealing with the challenges businesses face trying to market their business online.

Some of the main questions we're asked are:

  • I'm a new business, where do I start?
  • I have a website BUT how do I better utilise it to attract new business?
  • How do I make my website stand out and be found?
  • How do I make my website convert visitors in to customers?

Unfortunately there isn't one answer we can give you to all of these questions, but it's more a culmination of years of experience that we can offer you to overcome these challenges.

The main steps to having an effective web presence:

  1. Create a quality website that represents your business, products and services.
  2. Remove all technical barriers to ranking well in search engines (on-page optimisation).
  3. Spend time on your website to refine your content to give clear, concise solutions to peoples problems.
  4. Promote your website through further optimisation and marketing to generate traffic.

Provided steps 1 to 3 above are done well, the effort you put in step 4 will have a greater effect.

So if you are looking at developing (or re-developing) your website, we can help.

Some of the key areas we specialise in are:

  • Web Development / Web Programming
  • Web Design / Interface Design
  • Product Knowledge and Implementation
  • Shopping carts, merchant accounts, payment gateways
  • Project Management
  • Training (so you can make the most of your investment)
  • Ongoing support