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A Digital Audit & Strategy project is an independent analysis of your business exposure and performance online.

Digital Audit & Strategy is an emerging factor for all Adelaide businesses; encompassing a review of market volume, trends, competition and opportunity. Arguably the most definitive form of marketing, digital marketing can not only be tracked for effectiveness down to every click, but can be mapped prior to the commencement of a campaign and re-examined throughout a campaign to determine effectiveness and refinement scope.

From a digital audit and web strategy you can begin to ask the questions such as "Is our mobile site offering mobile users what they need?" or "Are all forms of PPC marketing worth pursuing?"

So how should your digital marketing strategy fit in relation to your business strategy?

Hand in glove! Your consumer profiles, products, operational structure and any other aspect of your business must integrate with your web strategy or digital strategy in order to be effective. While these aspects may differ from your regular bricks and mortar business aspects due to a variety of factors, your online and offline must be in line!

So if you are about to commence a digital marketing campaign, refresh your business presence online or review your current performance, ask Techmark Digital today about how we can provide a Digital Audit & Strategy for you and your Adelaide business.