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Online Reputation Management

Are you and Adelaide business or personality wishing to enhance or improve your brand? Do you have negative connotations surrounding your personal or business brand? Can this be removed or resolved? Can your online reputation and brand be improved in Adelaide?

At Techmark Digital we have a positive approach to this, and see the online brand management space as an opportunity to control and grow your profile rather than run from possible issues and hide.

The three key aspects to Brand and Reputation Management for your Adelaide business or name are:

1. Risk Minimisation (prevention)

2. Brand Recovery (cure)

3. Brand Enhancement (promotion)

Online Reputation & Brand Management Prevention

Your reputation online can both aid your business and personal results and in the same breath undermine everything you have worked for. And often through no fault of your own. 

Has ASIC posted a revision to your company status online?

Did a past customer throw allegations at your business in social media?

Has a past director or employee of your organisation declared bankruptcy and subsequently all searches for your business include results with such phrases as administration, receivership or bankruptcy?

Rather than entering a long winded process of gradually dislodging or outranking negative search results with positive results, the Prevention approach is far more valuable. A strong, active online entity with a history of relevance to your brand will have a better legacy on your brand search results should the worst occur than having to create this after the event.

Talk to Techmark Digital today about how we will work with your Adelaide business to create a strong brand profile across the digital landscape to minimise the impact of any future disruption.

Online Reputation Brand Recovery

As noted earlier, we have extensive experience in the recovery of your personal or business brand in Adelaide should the worst case arise. Nothing hurts your ability to grow and sustain a business than a tarnished brand online, as consumers are more diligent in reviewing people, businesses and brands before committing to proceed with a purchase than ever.

Ask us today about how we can assist with your current issues online, and ask for a no-obligation meeting with our experts to review your scenario.

Brand Enhancement Online

This is where Techmark Digital can take things up a notch. We are not content to merely help you cover your bases or tidy up your brand. we can work with you and your Adelaide business to position your personal and business brand in Adelaide as the leaders, the experts, the first choice for your services or products.

To achieve this we want to control page 1 of Google for your brand. We don't want competitors riding your coattails, capturing consumers who you have worked long and hard to build a relationship with.

Contact Techmark Digital today to ask how we can work with you and your business to dominate your brand and market space.