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Social Media management, marketing and Strategy Adelaide.

Is social media challenging, confusing or too time consuming?

Is social media daunting? Are you worried who controls your brand or message when you post onto social media channels?

Is social media always been thought of as unsuitable for your Adelaide business yet your competitors are using it?

Is your personal social media network unlocked, visible to the public or completely unloved?

Don’t panic!

We can be as involved as you need; either to mentor, provide strategy, assist with setting up your marketing, establishing a 12 month calendar or even creating your company social media content each week.

Social media for your Adelaide business can be a minefield, so we always prefer to begin with a rigorous social media audit first; an unbiased 3rd party insight into your business as currently displayed on social media, and what you competitors are doing in that same space.

After stepping you through the findings we will all have a clearer, qualified outline and benchmark for your business today, and a pathway to reach the goals within your Adelaide business in social media.

At Techmark, we can assist with setting up your new social media channels, providing social media training (if you wish to manage the channels yourself), syndicating content to various platforms from a single point or dashboard and even look for strong influencers in the social media space your industry of business in Adelaide sits.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising for your Adelaide business may have never been on your radar, however promoting or boosting your activity in Facebook or YouTube could be just the thing you need to leapfrog your Adelaide competitors. The paid marketing in Facebook, for example, is cost effective, engaging and can be targeted to a specific audience to match your exact needs.

In short, a well-planned – well executed social media campaign for your Adelaide business could be just the thing you need to position you better than anyone else in your market.

Contact Techmark Digital today to ask about how we can provide social media management and marketing for your Adelaide business.