Australian Tile Council

The Australian Tile Council protects, educates and enhances the tile industry for the benefit of its members. Their primary role is to represent the industry to do collectively such things that an individual could not achieve independently. As such the Australian Tile Council is recognised by the Australian Government as the representative industry body for the tile industry.

The ATC engaged Techmark Digital to develop a custom Association Management System to help the council effectively manage their growing membership base.

The system automates the invoicing and reminders and sends out automated follow ups to reduce the administrative overhead of running the association.

The AMS is also used for communicating to its members via the integrated e-mail system. The AMS can be used to create dynamic mailing lists using a combination of member type, location, or status.

The AMS is also integrated into their website to provide member-only features on the website such as free access to the Tiles & Tiling guide and access to various information sources such as training videos and the knowledge base as well as access to various support committees such as the Technical and Advocacy committees.

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