Dynamic Sports is an importer and wholesaler of sporting equipment. They engaged Techmark Digital to design and develop their first fully integrated ecommerce website. The website is used as both as a sales order portal for their wholesale customers and a shopping cart website for retail customers.

They use an ERP system to run their business which contains their wholesale customer information, product inventory, stock level and unique customer pricing. Through an API provided by the ERP system we are pulling and pushing the necessary data between the ecommerce website and ERP system. This results in zero day-to-day administration needed to run the website. It can all be managed from their ERP system that they are familiar with and use daily to run the business.

Wholesale customers are pushed to the website with their credit limits so the website knows if they are an account customer or not.

All the product catalogue (including new products) is also automatically pushed to the website along with stock on-hand updated in real time.

When a sale takes place on the website from either a wholesale or retail customer, the invoice and payment information is pushed back into the ERP software so accounting and order fulfilment. There is zero double handling of data and zero administration required on the website. The website simply acts as an additional sales channel for the business.

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