Winner Products Premium Interiors

Winner Products manufacture car interiors for classic car restorations. The reproductions are as identical to the originals as possible using the original factory specifications, techniques, and materials. They are nationally recognised as one of the best in the business.

Their initial question to us was “Can we integrate a website with MYOB”. We confirmed that we could do this, but during our first meeting it quickly became apparent what was needed.

The business runs a majority of their operations from MYOB - from Quoting to Job tracking - so it was important that the solution we came up with still kept MYOB at the centre of their operation.

However, managing the manufacturing process was very manual with hand written job cards and all the knowledge about the details of the jobs and schedules mainly resided in one person’s memory. So it became evident that a Material Requirements Planning (MRP I) system was also needed.

Several strategy sessions were held to define the sales, quoting and fulfilment processes of the business which defined the overall scope of the project. Techmark were going to build 2 separate systems that were both linked with MYOB.

  • A website that doubles as an online quoting system where admin staff and/or customers can create complex quotes for auto interior restoration projects.
  • A manufacturing management system that tracks all the jobs, job cards, manufacturing tasks and dispatching.

Winner Products system diagram v2

The quotes created from the website automatically flow through into MYOB where they can be approved and sent to the customer and once a quote becomes an order, it then flows through into the Job Card Management System for fulfilment.

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