Genealogy SA

Genealogy SA are the most technologically advanced Association of their kind in Australia. They use a collection of custom developed systems to provide their members with the best possible research services.

Techmark Digital has worked with Genealogy SA for over a decade. We have partnered with them over the years to provide strategic consulting, web development and ongoing technical and customer support for the various systems that have been developed.

The 3 key systems that we have developed are:

  • Association Management System (AMS)
  • Association Website & Online Store
  • Search Management Console

The Association Management System (AMS)

Through a collaborative effort between Genealogy SA and Techmark Digital – we were able to build a custom AMS that would help them manage and track their 4000+ members. The system sends out automated invoices and reminders as well as follow up emails to reduce the administrative overhead of invoicing and chasing membership payments. And this is all integrated into their MYOB Accounting system – so there is no double handling of invoice or payment data.

Payments can be made online or reconciled into the system and a series of reporting tools were also developed to further assist in the efficient management of their memberships.

A secure API was also developed that allowed the AMS to be integrated into the website to provide Members access to their account and personal details as well equipping the website with a host of member-only functions such as discounts on products and services purchased online as well as free un-restricted access to their historical database search that is available on the website (mentioned in detail below).

The Website & Online Store

Techmark Digital designed and developed a website for Genealogy SA back in 2012 and have more recently re-designed and re-developed their new website.

The new website is faster and more mobile friendly and provides a great platform to engage and communicate with their members and the general public.

One of the key features of the new website is the historical databases search. This equips the public to search millions of historical records to aid in their family history research.

We developed a sophisticated platform using the Elasticsearch Engine - the searching is very fast and efficient and with some advanced searching tools, it provides a great experience to the public.

The Search Management Console

Adding new historical databases to the website and updating existing databases become a very difficult task so a proposal was put forward to develop a search management console that would allow for easier porting of their Access Databases into the Elasticsearch Engine for use on the website.

Using this Search Management Console they can choose which fields of data are available to the general public and which are reserved for “members only”. This provides a powerful sales tool – as only a stub of information is shown to the public enticing them to become a member. If they choose not to become a member, they can “buy” a one off look up or transcription of the record that they have found. The website facilitates this transaction and sends it through to their research team for fulfillment of the order.

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