For over 40 years Powercell have been a leading Australian manufacturer, distributor, and importer of batteries, powerbanks, torches, headlamps and sensor lights.

Powercell’s website was not meeting the needs of their customers and it did not portray the quality of their business and products. They knew they could provide a better service and a better online experience to their customers.

As a large wholesaling business, they wanted to ensure their online solution would be integrated with their existing ERP system so that all the stock, customer and order management would remain centralised in the one familiar system.

We developed a new website utilising a highly customisable shopping cart add-on and we opted for a system that had an advanced User Access Control List (ACL). We wanted the nested hierarchical control over the users and user groups. This would allow for very granular control over a customer’s access to products and pricing. For example, all customers from a particular franchise group could log in and see the specific products and pricing available to that franchise.

We utilised the product attributes and developed a sophisticated product searching and filtering system so customers could easily find the products they were looking for. Customers could now combine filters using a combination of attributes. For example, battery capacity, chemistry, voltage, dimensions, size and brand. The filters dynamically scan the product list and only offer filters relevant to the list (i.e. when in the torch category “Lumens” will show up as a product attribute that can be filtered on).

And when an order is placed – the sales order is pushed back into their ERP system for accounting and order fulfilment.

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